CUSTOMER REVIEW: How to grow back your natural lashes after eyelash extensions

Written By troop themes - April 15 2019


May 12 2022

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May 06 2022

Thanks for the amazing tips for natural lash growth after lash extension. I also use lash growth serum every night after washing my face.

March 01 2022

I love reading your blog, thank you it is very useful. I use dermalmd eyelash serum, and it has been a success, they are more populated and strengthened, they have not caused me any adverse effects.

January 06 2022

I couldn’t believe how much my lashes grew so long and full With Dermalmd Eyelash Growth Serum. I feel like I look like I have fake lashes, but a natural look. I am more confident to this! My lashes are so nice and long!

July K
January 02 2022

That’s helpful!! But I noticed after Cherish Lash conditioner and Cherish mascara my lashes also got darker )) It must be because there are many nourishing vitamins. So I save time and budget on other remedies :)

November 28 2021

My lashes were very damage from years of eye lash extensions. I had bald spots and now with used of dermalmd eyelash serum my lashes are completely back and longer then they have ever been. I am really impressed with the results.

May 08 2021

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May 04 2021

After big eyelash loss due to eyelash extension I looking for something to grow my lashes naturally and Dermalmd Eyelash Growth Serum is my first try at boosting my lashes and I am impressed after a month. And I forget to use it a few days a week. I’m excited to continue using the lavish lash! I think they look natural as well.

April 02 2021


January 04 2021

After having fake lashes, for my bday. I lost all my eyelashes. My friend recommended dermalmd eyelash serum to me. After days I could see them growing back. This is the result just weeks in. Definitely recommend dermalmd serum. People keep asking if am wearing false lashes.

January 01 2021

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August 23 2019

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